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2009-06-06 19:39:15 by seanbroccoli

Sounds Like Fire is how I'm going to be releasing music from now on. New outlook, similar process, different results. Check it out.

This may be my last post to NG... :(

Techno song: +Fuzz+

2009-01-21 20:19:52 by seanbroccoli

It's fairly generic sounding, but I think it's also pretty god damned catchy. Some crazy triplet riffs are thrown in just for kicks, and partially by accident!





This one really took it out of me. I'm proud of the result, check it out:


It's heavy, heavy industrial/rock.

New Ambience

2008-12-26 16:31:43 by seanbroccoli

Living is part 2 of a series. See "Birth" for part 1.


Think a cross between NIN, Beck, and a lot of re-soldered circuits :D

Best Wishes is a drop-tuned electonic piece with minimalist piano and just the right amount of fuzz.

Acid Affiliation is an acid-jazz inspired loop of frantic disposition. Check it.

Dead Chemistry

2008-11-17 01:40:04 by seanbroccoli

New techno-ish song which will soon have vocals, turning it into a motherfucker of an indie-electronic piece.

All parts written by me for MIDI in GarageBand. No pre-existing loops used, so don't bug me about that.


Dead Chemistry

WTF people...

2008-10-31 02:17:41 by seanbroccoli

read the descriptions to the songs before you review!

jesus, its < a paragraph.

so anyways, thanks for the reviews, no thanks for blatant ignorance.

grr. i'm done.

BIRTH of a Titan (Ambience)

2008-10-31 01:12:31 by seanbroccoli

Ambience + Greek Mythology = Intense trance loop-based music!

The first beats of a granite heart pump molten lava:

Check it out! Comments more than welcome.


Trance Music: "Aleatorica"

2008-10-27 22:43:25 by seanbroccoli

Ambient half-waltz feel with an 8-bit revelation @ the end!

I put a lot of effort into making interesting and enjoyable textures.

Deep breath... Click link...